Handmade Pasta Boscaiola

About This Class

Pasta Boscaiola is traditionally based on the most popular foraged food to be found in the woods, mushrooms and a perfect comfort dish.

Loaded with bacon, tomatoes, and a touch of cream, this classic pasta dish has all the flavors of the forest and a campfire packed into it. You will momentarily transport you from wherever you are to a cabin in a wintertime woodland.

Class Menu

Dish 1 Handmade Pasta
Dish 2 Pasta Boscaiola

You may contact the class instructor about dietary restrictions and modifications before or after booking.

Required Equipment

sharp chef's knife
small to medium pots
medium to large pans
large counter or working surface
cutting board
plastic wrap

We The Cooks assumes you've already purchased the basic equipment for your kitchen. After booking, your instructor will be available to request any equipment modifications.

Class Availability

Chef Carlos is based in Austin. He will video chat into your kitchen via your online video chat provider of choice.

Day Schedule
Thu 6PM - 9PM
Sat 10AM - 1PM or 1PM - 4PM
Sun 10AM - 1PM or 1PM - 4PM

*hours are in central standard time, classes are scheduled after requesting

If a time convenient for you is not listed please contact us to accommodations. Classes are available regularly.

Estimated Grocery Cost: $30

Estimated grocery cost is based on average food prices and We The Cooks assumes that you've already stocked up on pantry basics. After booking, your instructor will be available to request any ingredient modifications.

Class Type: Italian
Maximum Class Size: 4
Class Length (hours): 2.0
Accepts Groups: